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This is a program designed for Tanzanian women-led SMEs focusing on business growth, finance, market access and personal development. The focus is to accelerate women economic growth and equity in the community and close the poverty line.

This acceleration program targets a group of 20 beneficiaries in each cohort, we develop more comprehensive tools and support mechanisms for these entrepreneurs that directly impact their businesses in operations, strategies and even products/services provided which accelerates profotable growth.

The program pays attention to those challenges that can be influenced by the women entrepreneurs, such as improved financial literacy and creating systems and structures for their businesses plans.

The project is funded by The Royal kingdom of Netherlands embassy in Tanzania and implemented by SheFound from Tanzania. At the moment it is the 2.0 Edition is open for registration, the first SBA was implemented by SheFound and Brilliant Entrepreneurs from Holland.



We have worked with The Royal Embassy of Netherlands in Tanzania to run an acceleration program for 20 post-revenue female led businesses focusing on finance management, personal growth and business development. Businesses like Mrembo Naturals and Faima Naturals have shown growth in sales and product development.


Past Mentors



JAN 2023 - JAN 2023

Promotion and Announcement

9 - 10 FEB 2023

Judging and Selection

13 + 16 FEB 2023

SBA 1.0 Baseline Survey + Stakeholders MeetUp

20 - 25 FEB 2023

SBA 1.0 Acceleration program

13 - 14 MAR 2023

Exit Survey

16 MAR 2023

IWD + Networking

20 - 23 MAR 2023

SBA 2.0 Baseline Survey

27 MAR - 1 APR 2023

SBA 2.0 Acceleration program

3 - 28 APR 2023

Follow Up programs

1 - 26 MAY 2023

Follow Up support

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