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SheFound is a non-profit, supporting women entrepreneurs and women-led/owned businesses to grow their businesses and have profitable growth with the aim of accelerating women inclusion and socio-economic empowerment..

Our mission is to accelerate socio-economic development through gender economic inclusion and economic sustainability of women entrepreneurs and women-led enterprises. We are committed to doing this by providing the educational, technical and resource support to these females, creating programs and tools that befits their business needs. Through Marketplaces, We provide platforms for female-led enterprises to be showcased, be exposed, transact and explore new potential partnerships and investments.

We envision a world where the visions and abilities of females are celebrated and invested in.

Our vision is to become Africa’s leading social-economic driving force through supporting and investing in female entrepreneurs and female-led enterprises.


Our Focus

We are focusing on supporting girls and women in entrepreneurship and women-led businesses to launch and have profitable growth through training, market access and technical support while incorporating technology and innovation to accelerate the growth, close the gender gaps and increase the impact through economic-inclusion.


What We Do

Capacity Building

We believe in the rule of the lid and the power of constant learning and staying informed. So through training and different sessions we invest in the personal and professional growth of the entrepreneur and the growth of the business.

Technical Support

In the age of fast changing market behaviours and technology adoption, we work with the entrepreneurs to ensure growth and success of their businesses through provision of technical support and financial support through different partners and programs.

Access and Advocacy

We work with partners to create a conducive regulatory and legislative environment for women entrepreneurs to thrive and for the entrepreneurs and female-owed businesses to be exposed to networks that will accelerate and support the growth of their businesses.

Us In Numbers


Businesses served through capacity building trainings and sessions.


Entrepreneurs engaged and reached in different events and networking arenas.


Media and engagement reach in online sessions and resources.



The Covid19 pandemic crisis has coused a number of challenges to many businesses across Africa most especially small businesses whose majority share is run by women entrepreneurs, for the reason we have created a CRISIS RESOURCE center for entreprenuers, we are also working with entrepreneurs as support through this crisis and im patnership with other partners we are running different virtual events.

crisis center

What's In Store

See what to expect from SheFound.


An arena to showcase, transact and expose businesses to potential partners, investors and clients.

Business Labs

SheFound designs practical workshops and trainings on the innovation and business industry.

Coming Events

SheFound hosts networking, showcasing, transactional and learning events hosted both virtually or physically.

SheFound Podcast

Raw, real and fun conversations with business ladies from all backgrounds, about business, life and everything in between.

SheFound Channel

A resourceful learning, showcasing and inspiring platform for ladies in businesses on business, leadership and life.

SheFound Newsletter

Each time spend at any of our programs is designed to bring maximum value and great experience.

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Kindly contact us for more information.



Kindly contact us for more information.



For more information you can reach to us or visit us at our offices.


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