Deep Dive

Deep Dive


This s a non-profit, supporting women entrepreneurs and women-led businesses to launch their businesses and have profitable growth with the aim of accelerating women inclusion and socio-economic empowerment..

SheFound is an impact-driven non-profit organization dedicated to economic equaty. We bridge the gender economic gap through initiatives and activities that accelerate employability, financial inclusion and economic independence of women and girls.

We support economic independence of women and girls through entrepreneurship, digital inclusion and access to market and impactful networks.

SheFound’s biggest roles in the ecosystem is to champion and create a pipeline for gender mainstreaming and provide other players in the ecosystem with female-led businesses they can further support, showcase or invest in.


Our Pillars


Even with women entrepreneurs breaking all kinds of ceilings, there needs to be legislative-friendly environment for them to grow in some regions of the world.


We believe in the rule of the lid and the power of constant learning and staying informed.


We believe anything can thrive if there is a great support system for its survival.


If we can help the entrepreneur sell, grow market share, increase revenue and increase market access, then we have served our purpose
our core values

Who We Are

This is who we are and what we are.


We believe in relationships, that for us to go further, it's important to work as a collective unit.

Intentionality and Intergrity

We believe in working in honor and integrity with the people we work with and within the works we have.

Impactful Service

We believe in bringing value that creates an impactful chain reaction in everything that we do, within us and in the community.

Quality Growth

We believe in quality growth for both the community we serve and ourselves as a team and thrive to achieve it constantly.


We believe that life is a journey that should be lived with the princple of fun, willingness to learn, relearn and unlearn.


We are CIIQAs ( Seekers). We seek to impact, seek to grow, seek to leave the world a better place than we have found it.