Serving Nations

SheFound Communities

We are building communities of like-minded women across the globe with the aim of encouraging collaborations, social impact, personal and professional growth among women entrepreneurs and women from all walks of life.


SheFound Business Club

A community of women entrepreneurs and aspiring women entrepreneurs with the aim of suppoting their business journeys, encouraging collaborations and exposure in the emerging markets.

Business Resources

Through blogs, experts and mentors videos and business development podcasts.

Business Support

Through different workshops, mentors support and different incubation support.

Potential Funding

Through different incubation and acceleration programs and investment partnerships.


SheFound Social Club

A community of community of like-minded women from different walks of life with the aim of encouraging collaborations, social impact services and supporting gender equality within their communities.


Potential Partners

Meeting like-minded people has always had an impact on the personal and professional lives of women.

Social Impact

Working with remarkable women across the globe in creating legacy serving the most vulnerable and bringing impact.


Growth is brought through learning, relearning and unlearning, networking with diverse people provides just that.