Jilinde Bootcamp

Digital Adoption and Platform economy


This is a program that is focusing on capacitating female-led businesses in Tanzania to navigate in and recover after a crisis.

This bootcamp program targets a group of 30 female-led businesses in Tanzania, to capacitate them with comprehensive tools and insights that will help them navigate through crisis and finding solutions to keep their businesses afloat and recover after a crisis.

The program will pay attention to some of the most crucial areas of businesses, leadership, finacial management and capitalizing on digital economy . The program is part of a Jilinde project, an intervation for youths and SMEs that that introduces them to the platform economy by providing them with the relevant tools and resources during the COVID19 crisis.

The project is funded by Open Society Initiative For Eastern Africa in Tanzania and implemented by SheFound, Sahara Ventures and Mulika.





19 Oct - 23rd Aug | 2020

Promotion and Announcement

24th Aug | 2020

Judging and Selection

24th - 25th Aug | 2020

Participants Call + Entry Survey

27th Aug | 2020

Insights Report

28th - 29th Aug | 2020

Bootcamp Training

29th Aug | 2020

Exit Survey

November | 2020

Learning report

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