Yeah Right! Another Female Initiative

Jocelyne Msigwa
26 April 2019

So what exactly is SheFound?

This is a female-led initiative that is designed explicitly for women.

What kind of women?

1. Aspiring founders.
These are women who have aspirations and dreams to found their own businesses. Can you relate to that feeling? The feeling of always wanting to do something? That feeling of having a dream, desire to start something, be it a business, a charity or just maybe preparing some random marathon someday.
That’s precisely what the aspiring founders are. In relevance to SheFound, aspiring founders are the women who have long time dreams that they finally want to put into action. They want to find a way to bring those dreams to life but they haven’t.
As SheFound, we are obsessed about equipping these women with the right resources and skills on the whereabouts of what to do to be able to start their own business. With that honor, these women go through a series of intense training for 5 days, where they learn about what it takes to start. How they can be their own brands, how they can build the right team, what it takes to validate their products and target customers…
In other words, this group of women specifically learn on team building, value proposition, business models and professional marketing.
Oh, it is a full package!

Here are highlights of what happened during the first Bootcamp for aspiring founders

2. Blooms
The word blooms (Plural for bloom) depicts women who are beginning to sprout as they have literally started their businesses. These are the women who have dared to begin. blooms are women who have started something and are already earning post revenues.
As SheFound, we are excited to soon begin 6 days of intense acceleration for these women. The content inline to this acceleration will involve one on one mentorship, pitching skills, strategic planning, financial management and legal requirements and regulations on running and, managing a business.

Then what?

The female founder's Marketplace.
This event is exceptionally for females with entrepreneurial and leadership mindset! The aim is to have them network, learn, grow, be exposed to the emerging markets, potential collaborations, and potential investors.

The event is to take place on the 25th of May at the inspire center, Tanzanite park from 8 pm to 5 pm.

Psst! Save the date.

Envisioning a world where the visions and ability of women are celebrated, and invested in. -SheFound