Jocelyne Msigwa
25 May 2019

As a young woman still in school, Sarah has the aspiration to start something that is bigger than herself: SPOT.
This is an application that will help anyone navigate across the city when in need of anything. Be it an ATM, a nice restaurant or just an accessory shop. The application is also designed in a way that it notifies the user of ongoing events that are taking place within the respective area. She sees how the application can solve real challenges faced by first-time visitors, tourists or even residents themselves (Especially in big cities).


As a doctor by profession, Ummulbanin’s brilliant idea is about bridging the gap between health services and technology through an application, Spot Doctor, with her brilliant tagline: Your doctor at home.
Spot doctor is a mobile-based application that is specifically designed for people with hypertension and diabetes because from her experience she strongly believes these type of patients need regular checkup and careful medical attention.


Meet Hawa. She brings to you Uber for trucks! And she calls it: Cargo X!
Cargo X instantly matches direct truck drivers with customer’s cargos. Hawa and her team see the future of commercial trucking without truck brokers.
Hawa is determined to take advantage of the challenge faced by customers in need of the right transportation when it comes to their cargos through designing the latest web and application that is user-friendly and efficient!


Still pursuing her studies as a medical doctor, Faith has an eye and a heart for the environment. She is very bothered by the plastic wastes that are constantly thrown everywhere in our beautiful city.
With this, she comes with the Idea: Bio packs. These are biodegradable and reusable bags that are made of cassava. These bags are strong, reusable and also affordable! Her initial idea was to import these bags, hence build the culture for people to adapt to these bags and later start making these bags together with her team.


Marcela has a heart for people! And together with her experience, she has the aspiration to start e-counseling.
She is determined to match the right counselors with the right customers. Marcella is prone to the challenge of counselors not getting paid for their worth and at times struggling to get employment. But she also believes there is a huge demand for individuals that are looking for psychological help.
Her digital platform, she believes, will also provide capacity building sessions for counselors and will work as an employment provider for counselors across the country.